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The parent firm Ashtavinayaka Constructions (henceforth changed from partnership firm to Pvt. Ltd. Company and now known as Ashtavinayaka Energy Infra Pvt. Ltd.) Is a company founded by young technocrat, Mr. MilindDeshmukh, Supported by Mr. L. K. Lambe, who was having rich experience in the field of construction. This team was further strengthened when Mr. Subramanian, with 35 years experience in the field of Power System, Mr. Anand Mendhe -more than 15 years experience in Industry and Mr. Uday Deshmukh with meritorious academic records, subsequently joined the firm.
Mr. Milind Deshmukh, who firmly believes in hard work, sheer determination and technology driven entrepreneurship leads the group. Under the creative excellence of this group Ashtavinayaka EIPL has achieved an enviable leadership position in the execution of turnkey projects related to transmission lines and substations from 66 KV to 400 KV
Besides this group, the firm has on its roll, a team of dedicated and competent engineers backed by large number of skilled artisans and semi skilled workers. This large workforce is being maintained to achieve the time bound targets set by the clients. Such large work force also helps the completion of the projects on scheduled dates, has made Ashtavinayaka EIPL stand apart from many of its competitors.The firm has its own safety policy and has an impeccable record of accident free service to its various clients over the past decade. The firm is extremely conscious about environment and has taken steps to ensure minimum damages to trees and greenery during its working in the forest.
Besides safety and environment policy it also has a health policy which takes care of the health and welfare of its workers and their families during the execution of the project....
  The firm's motto is "NO DREAM IS TOO BIG"
Following are the details of the various engagements
1) Execution of EPC contracts related to EHV lines &
Walk down survey along the route.
Survey with the help of total station.
Plotting of the result & preparation of tower schedule.
Preparation of profile drawing.
Design of Towers:-
Design of super structure
Design of extension of various heights
Design of stubs for normal as well as extensions
Design of templates
Preparation of Bill of Material & Shop sketches
Design of Civil Foundations:-
Conducting soil analysis
Preparation of bar bending schedule
Preparation of foundation drawings
For Sub station equipment :-
1 Design of Gantry & Equipment Structure.
1 Design of Civil Foundation.
1 Finalisation of GTP of various equipments.
1 Measurement of earth resistivity of proposed s/s site.
1 Design of earth mat.
1 Preparation of cable schedule.
1 Preparation of cable termination details.
1 Pre commissioning tests of Equipment.
1 Calculation of relay settings.
1 Preparation of operation manuals.
1 Preparation of maintenance schedules of various Equipment.
Fabrication of structures & Dispatch
Fabrication of Structures 1 Galvanising 1 Inspection and Testing of proto type & mass
2) Restoration of EHV line after breakdown.
  1 Transportation of ERS structures to site. 1 Mobilization of Men, Materials, Vehicles.
  1 Setting up of site office. 1 Arrangements to work at night.
  1 Setting up of round the clock communication facility.
3) EHV Capacitor Bank related works. 4) Works related to SCADA in EHV sub stations.
EPC of PLCC, OPGW related works.
6) EHV transmission line routine maintenance work.
  1 Replacement of Towers.
  1 Strengthening of Towers.
  1 Replacement of insulators.
  1 Replacement of Spacers.
  1 Replacement of vibration dampers.
  1 Replacement of earthwire.
  1 Uprating of existing conductor.
7) Hot - Line Maintenance.
  1 PID by Thermovision Scanning
  1 PID by Voltage Gradient Method.
  1 Attending the Faults in Live Line by
 Hot Stick Method.
 Bare Hand Techniques from 66 KV to 400 KV.
  1 Attending the Faults in Sub- Station Without Outages by Bare
    Hand Technique.
Execution of Turnkey Projects in EHV Transmission Lines, Substations & Power Plants