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Details of our activities are

 Execution of EHV projects on turnkey basis (up to 500kV)
Preparation of feasibility reports, liasioning with Electricity Department, Pollution control Board, Environmental clearance, liaison with local bodies, Survey, procurement of material by calling quotations, processing, inspection at works, etc. Casting of civil foundation, erection of equipment, testing & commissioning the same. Maintaining the equipment during warranty & post warranty period. Etc.
 Design of EHV Normal & Special types of towers, & supply of Insulators & line Hardware’s.
 Attending EHV line breakdowns
Clearance of debris and supply of new material (by head load in the areas of Ghat, hilly section, marshy land near sea creek), erection of towers, stringing of conductors & commissioning. Delivery of debris at client’s store center. Etc.
 Shifting of EHV tower
The shifting becomes necessary due to: - a.). Submergence of land due to irrigation projects. (b) Due to development of coalmine underneath. (c). Land acquired by Railways, Defense etc.
 Preventive maintenance of EHV lines
Cleaning of insulators, tightening of nut bolt of insulator string, jumpers, vibration dampers, earth wire, replacement of damaged / missing parts, painting of tower location numbers, phase plate, replacement of rusted danger boards, anti climbing devices, tack welding of nut bolts of towers up to level of ACD, patrolling of line for each location, cutting of trees & trimming of tree branches for maintaining clearance. etc.
 Operation & Maintenance of EHV Sub station
Manning of the Substation round the clock by arranging qualified graduate engineers, Diploma holders, ITI’s to work in shifts for hourly monitoring of - transformer & line loading, bus voltage, system frequency, transformer winding & oil temperature, SF6 gas pressure, PLCC counter reading, station battery voltage, carrying out load shedding, preparation of daily reports, maintenance schedules etc.

Work In Progress

Name Of Work :   Order no. :   Work Order Value :   Client :
Work of replacement of old 7/3.66mm GI earthwire with new earthwire of 400KV Babhaleshwar-Padghe line.   SE/HVDC/RS (O&M)/PDG/Tech/865-129/1441 & 862-128/1437 Dt. 22/5/2009   280 Lacs   MSETCL
Turnkey construction of 132KV Chinchwad-Talegaon Line Bet Loc No. 38 to 55 & 77 to 96.& 96 to 117   CE/EHV/CCO&M/Pune/T/T-7/09-10/1837 & T-9/09-10/1840 Dt. 20.6.2009 & T-21/2506   734 Lacs   MSETCL
Construction of revetment/protection wall for 400/220KV lines under EHV O&M Circle, Kalwa.   SE/EHV/O&M/CIR/KLW/Tech/TEN-03/1387
Dt. 1.7.2009
  50 Lacs   MSETCL
Stub strengthening to tower leg of cut point locations 220/100 KV lines under EHV O&M Circle, Kalwa.   SE/EHV/O&M/CIR/KLW/Tech/TEN-02/1290
Dt. 20.6.2009
  50 Lacs   MSETCL
Construction of 220kV D.C Line from Nagothane to Wadkhal S/S – 26 Km in association with M/s R & C Ltd. (A Government Undertaking Co.)   PL/Des/NDIL/Wadkhal/ 4750 Dt: 08/05/06   8.8 Crore   MSETCL Kalwa
Construction of 220KV D/C Transmission line for M/s. Volks Wagen at Chakan MIDC   W.O.No. SE/EHVCC/T/Tender-2/08-09/3227
Dt. 6/11/2008
  2.67 Crore   MSETCL
Supply & Erection work for Augmentation of Existing transmission line Network in the UT of Daman   W.O. No. ED/EE/TS-50/2006-07/1012/1013/1014 Dt. 28.6.2008   2.7 Crore   ED Daman.
Extension of 220KV Switchyards 2 bays and the Transmission line at Borivali   W.O.No. TPL/T&D/TPCL-B/EI-123/11 Dt. 19.4.2008 & 16 Dt. 24.9.2008   3.98   TATA Projects.
Replacement of Existing earthwire of various 220 KV lines under EHV (O&M)Circle Kalwa. When other Ckt. is in Live condition.   CE/EHV/CCO&M/Zone/Vsh/TT-Tender No.21/07-08/177 Dt.11/01/2008   28.22 Lacs   MSETCL
Work of construction of D/C132 kV Khopoli – Taloja – Kalwa Line (Route length – 52 KM ) in Association with M/s Active Engineers   SE/EHV/CC/KLW/Tender .3/2004-2005/1047
Dt 08/11/2005
  8.22 Crore   MSETCL
Diversion of 400KV Koradi-Kalwa ckt-I&II near Gangapuri, Dist. Jalgaon, due to Waghur Dam project.   CE/EHV/PN/T/Waghur DAM/2339 TO 2346
DT. 19.10.2006
  4.89 crore   MSETCL
Replacement of Disc Insulators of 400KV Babhaleshwar –Padghe transmission line   SE/HVDC/RS(O&M)/PDG/Tech/935-141/497 Dt. 21.2.2009   50 Lacs   MSETCL
Diversion of 220 KV D/C Transmission line for Nashik express highway.   1)LOA No. SE/EHV -CC/KLW/ T-7/06-07/345 Dt.6/02/2008
2) LOA No. SE/EHV /CC/KLW/T-7/06-07/310 Dt.02/02/2008
  2.46 Crore   MSETCL
Construction of LILO on 220KV M/C, D/C Kalwa- Padghe line for 220KV Bapgaon Substation.   EE/EHV/C/Dn/KLN/Tender- 1 / Package-A/07-08/T- 45/132. Dt.18/12/2008   82.56 Lacs   MSETCL
Erection of gantries & equipment support structures, erection filtration & commissioning of 200MVA. 220 / 110KV Transformer, laying of control cables and termination etc. at 220 KV Padghe S/S.   EE/EHV C /D KLN T-02/2007-08/Package A/ 1852 dt.16/10/2007   13.61 Lacs   MSETCL
Construction of 220 kV LILO in Tarapur- Borivali Line for Boisar II S/S   SE/EHV/CC/KLW/Tender.c/2005-2006/745
Dt 01/04/2006
  59.79 Lacs   MSETCL
Incresing ground clearance at loc No. 16-17 of 132KV S/C Chinchwad-Bajaj (Akurdi) line & Incresing ground clearance at loc No. 10-11 of 132KV S/C Chinchwad-Bajaj (Chakan) line   EE/EHV/PN/T/TENDER-06/2007-08/2176
Dt. 13/12/2007
  59.79 Lacs   MSETCL
Annual maintenance & attending emergency breakdown work of EHV Transmission; lines & substations.   T-01/411 dt. 17.8.2009 and 1603 dt. 1.6.2009   75 Lacs   MSETCL
Replacement of tension string of 220KV Kandalgaon –Pirangut EHV Line. Under Trans (o&m) circle, Pune   W.O.No. SE/TRANS/O&M/PN/T/449 Dt. 10.2.2009   44.47 Lacs   MSETCL
Providing & Replacement of broken/missing earthwire of 220KV & 132KV lines under EHV Constn.cum O&M Zone Nashik.   W.O.No. CE/EHVCCO&M/Nashik/Tech/0875
Dt. 25.03.2008
  75 Lacs   MSETCL
Providing & fixing of new earthing to the various EHV Transmission line towers.   T-7/1256 Dt.30.4.2009   80 Lacs   MSETCL
Providing & fixing of new earthing to the various EHV Transmission line towers.   T-7/1358 Dt.19.5.2009   79 Lacs   MSETCL

Work Completed

Name Of Work :   Order no. :   Work Order Value :   Client :
Replacement of 80 AAAC E/W. With new 7/3.66 sqmm GI Earthwire on Pole II of 500 kV Chandrapur – Padghe HVDC Line when pole I is in ON position. •Route Length: 150 Kms.   CE/EHV/CC/O&M/Zone/VS/TT- Tender No.02/06-/07/2941 dt.15/12/2006   61 Lacs   MSETCL
Replacement of Disc Insulator of 400 kV New Koyna-Karad Ckt. I & II and 400KV koyna stage IV- Lonikand Ckt. I when the other Ckt. is live.   CE/TRANSO&M/KRD/T/Tender No. 3/07-08/ 546/2096 Dt. 24/03/2008   3.20 Crore   MSETCL
Work of replacement / restringing of earth wire of various 220 KV lines under EHV (O&M) Circle Panvel. When other ckt. is in live condition.   CE/EHV/CC/O&M/Zone/VSH/T-Tender No 17/07-08/3278 Dt.15/10/07   26.96 Lacs   MSETCL
Replacement of 400KV S/C tower(MType) at loc No. 1102 of Kalwa-Padghe Ckt. II   W.O.No. SE/EHV/O&M/Z/KLW/TECH/T-S-3B/680 Dt. 11/03/2008   47 Lacs   MSETCL
Trunky construction of 220KV D/C line on multi circuit tower from 400 KV PGCIL S/S, Talegaon urse S/S in Pune district Line length 100 association with M/S MPTS.   CE/EHV/PN/T/Waghur DAM/2339 TO 2346 DT. 19/10/2006   8.8 Crore   MSETCL
Excavation in Hard Rock by chiseling at Tower Loc. No. 1603-1604 of 500KV HVDC Chandrapur-Padge Transmission Line.   W.O.No.SE/HVDC/RS(O&M)/PDG/Tech/562-84/2758 Dt. 25/09/2008   1.6 Crore   MSETCL
132 KV LILO on 220KV M/C towers for 132/33/22 KV Kharabwadi ( chakan ) Substation.   EE/EHV/PN/T/TENDER-07/2007-08/131 Dt. 16/01/2008   34 Lacs   MSETCL
Work of Replacement of Disc Insulator of 400 kV New Koyna-Karad Ckt. I & II when the other Ckt. is live   CE/Trans C /KRD/Tech/Tender no10/05-06/1486
  14.28 Lacs   MSETCL
Work of Replacement of Disc Insulator of 400 kV New Koyna-Karad Ckt. I & II when the other Ckt. is live *** Work Carried out in the span of 40.0 Kms   CE/Trans (O&M) Z/KRD/Tech/0038
Date 09/01/2006
  29.97 Lacs   MSETCL
Work of Replacement of Disc Insulator of 400 kV New Koyna-Karad Ckt. I & II when the other Ckt. is live   CE/Trans. (O&M) Z/KRD/Tech./00161
Date 17/02/2006
  14.98 Lacs   MSETCL
Replacement of 80 AAAC E/W. With new 7/3.66 sqmm GI Earthwire on Pole II of 500 kV Chandrapur – Padghe HVDC Line when pole I is in ON position.   CE/TRAN/O&M/VASI/TT-TENDER NO.02/05-06/291 dt.03/02/2006 AND CE/TRANS/O&M/VSH/TENDER/2005-2006/2222 dt. 6/10/2006   54 Lacs   MSETCL
Work of conversion of single suspension string to double suspension string of insulator of single ckt. Lines of 400 KV Kalwa Padghe line 1&2 at various crossing.   SE/EHV/O&M/Z/KLW/TECH/T-S-8/2150 Dt. 30/10/07   8.28 Lacs   MSETCL
Construction of LILO of 220 kV M/C Line from Parli TPS – Beed Line   SE/CCA/I/T-17/807 Date 31/03/2005   52.40 Lacs   MSEB
Construction of 220KV D/C transmission line LILO to 220KV Bhilad-Magarwada Transmission line and Re-Erection work of 66 kV D/C Magarwada – Varkund Line for Electricity Department, U.T of Daman & Diu (Survey, foundation, tower erection, stringing, supply of line hardware, E/W., Insulators   1) ED/EE/MP-45/04-05/3946. Dt.30/03/2005
2) ED/EE/MP-45/06-07/1665. Dt.24/09/2006
  3.11 Crore   Richardson & Cruddas (1972) Ltd. Nagpur
Breakdown Restoration work of 220 kV D/C Line For M/s Bombay Dying   SE/EHV-CC/KLW/Tl-159/00469 Date 26/08/2005   55.57 Lacs   MSETCL
Breakdown restoration work of 220 kV LILO on Padge Kalwa line for Colors Chem. S/S   SE/EHV.CC/KLW/TL.163/01321
Date 14.12.2005
  55.57 Lacs   MSETCL
Diversion of 400 KV Lonikand- Kalwa (padge) line at MIDC Chakan area, Dist. Pune.   SE/EHV/CC/T/Tender-25/2006-07/333/
Dt. 31/01/01
  1.69 crore   MSETCL
Strengthing of Towers of 400 KV Chandrapur Parli line from location no. 653 to 691 and 768 to 807   CE/Trans (O&M)/A’bd/Tech/607 dt.15.5.2006   54.46 Lacs   MSETCL
Reconductoring of 132 Kv Babhaleshwar –Rahuri Line   E/EHV/ O&M)/ NSK/TS/ 0558/
Dt. 16-02-2004
  41.72 Lacs   MSETCL
Reconductoring of 132 Kv Babhaleshwar –Rahuri Line   E/EHV/ O&M)/ NSK/TS/ 0558/
Dt. 16-02-2004
  41.72 Lacs   MSETCL
Complete engineering, design, supply, erection & commissioning of 63 MVA, 220/33 KV transformer extensionbay at Sunflag MRSS, Bhandara including liaison with MSEB and Electrical Inspector   SF/PROJ/SMS/3703 DT. 04/12/2006   40 Lacs   Sunflag
Supply & Erection for modification / shifting work of 132 kV BBLR-Kopargoan Line at tower Loc. No. 169 &170 which crosses proposed B.G line of Railway   SE/EHV/NSK/Tech/3080
Dt. 20.9.2003
  41.75 Lacs   Sunflag
Construction of 100 KV D/C from location no. 41 of APTA RCF to JITE S/S for CIDCO Water Work Project.   SE/EHV/CC/KLW/EE/PNL/T3/200001/2638 dt.28.11.2001   16.24 Lacs   MSEB
Erection of 220kV D/C 150 Tower along with stringing 0.3 Goat Conductor from Loc. 3 to 5 at Mohane (Panvel)   SE/EHV (O&M)/Circle/PNL/Tech S- 12/2314
Date 12/08/2005
  16.94 Lacs   MSETCL
Construction of 220 kV LILO on 220 KV ONGC (Panvel)- Kharghar D/C Line for Railway TSS Panvel   SE/EHV-CC/KLW /EE/Dn.PNL/Tender-5/2001-2002/562 Date 14/03/2002   26.70 Lacs   MSEB
Breakdown restoration work of 100 kV Taloja- Kalwa line   SE/EHV (O&M) /CIRCEL/KLW/Tech/T-S/01075
Date 28/06/2004
  36.31 Lacs   MSEB
Work of modification of 400 kV Koradi-Bhusaval Line CKT-I & II, to suit railway crossing of Amravati-Narkhed railway line near village Shirala Tal. & Dist. Amravati   SE/EHV(O&M)/CO/Tech/1233
Date 15/04/2004
  33.25 Lacs   MSEB
Work of Replacement of 400 kV. S/C TOWER AT LOC. NO. 1064 ON Kalwa-Padghe Ckt II   SE/EHV (O&M)/C/KLW/Ts-8/849. & 827
Date 17/10/2001
  3.14 Lacs   MSEB
Re Routing of 100kV Padghe-Murbad Line   EE/EHV.C/DN-1/KLN/T-45/01179
Date 27/08/2002
  0.49 Lacs   MSEB
Re-Stringing of E/W of 400 kV Nagothane- Padghe Line   SE/EHV (O&M)/Circle/PNL/Tech/S-12/568
Date 22/02/2005
  1.33 Lacs   MSEB

Execution of Turnkey Projects in EHV Transmission Lines, Substations & Power Plants